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Age Related Eye Disease Study

Age Related Eye Disease Study

AREDS study was a large scale, placebo controlled clinical trial meaning the comparison group took a placebo tablet that did not contain the AREDS formulation. It began in 1996 and spanned 5 years.

The US National Institute of Health (NIH) recruited over 4,000 participants and discovered that specific high doses of Vitamins C and E, anti-oxidant carotenoid beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and the minerals zinc and copper (known as the AREDS formulation) can help delay the progression to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) by 25%.

The exact formula contains:
  • Beta-carotene (15mg)
  • Vitamin C (500mg)
  • Vitamin E (400IU)
  • Zinc (80mg)
  • Copper (2mg)

These high dose yet safe, powerful anti-oxidants were chosen becuase they have all demonstrated in previous studies that they can maintain visual performance and ocular health. Read how each of these ingredients protects the eye from damage in our Key Ingredients section.

This extensive eye health research study into macular degeneration proved that although there is no medical treatment for dry macular degeneration, nutritional supplements such as Viteyes Original can help. As a result, prescribing advice to ophthalmologists in hospital eye clinics and GP's was updated accordingly along with medical websites aimed at the general public.

In 2006 the second age related eye disease study (AREDS2) started looking to improve and fine tune the formulation.